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If you want your guy to smell great all of the time, then we are here to help. Most menís fragrances are considered colognes which contains a lower percentage of fragrance compounds than women's products. Therefore it is a nice scent for men as it imparts a lighter background fragrance. Menís cologne is not as long-lasting, but instead is intended to be lavishly splashed over the entire body. Therefore, the prices for cologne tend to be lower with a bigger bottle size. Whether you are buying a menís cologne for yourself or another person remember that pleasant scents are already programmed in our mind. Menís colognes are commonly described with masculine adjectives such as stylish, sexy, classic, rugged or outdoorsy. The most popular men's scents contain elements of woodsy, citrus, fruity, musky and spice notes .

Old Spice. One of the best selling menís fragrances through the years is Old Spice. First created in 1937, it is well known for its masculine, earthy scent. Widely available and reasonably priced, Old Spice is still popular today and still a classic choice for men of all ages.
Michael Jordan has created a signature celebrity fragrance that is based on a lifestyle image, it uses the latest processes to create rich aroma blends. This cologne combines several distinct scents to create an overall flavor that emits smell clusters as aromas resembling the tropical beach air, coolness, sophistication and the essence of a home run. All designed to symbolize the man behind the name.

What are the main differences between cologne and aftershave? Cologne contains much more fragrance oil and will last much longer than aftershave which is only designed to last for an hour or two. Aftershave is only to be used on the face, while cologne is meant for the pulse points of the wrist, chest and neck. And of course, the aftershave is going to sting.

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